Full-Race Turbo Kit Installation for Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S

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Background: Full-Race turbo kits are based on the simple principle that turbocharged engines work best with an optimized and efficient exhaust side. Built upon the solid foundation of our exhaust manifolds and merge collectors, we use high grade stainless steel and robotically TIG welded runners for the strongest and highest quality welds in the aftermarket turbo industry. This particular FA Boxxer engine design utilizes long runners and our trademark low-angle merge collectors for maximum flow and minimal pressure drop. From a performance standpoint, optimal flow and minimum pressure drop results allows for early spool, quick response and strong top end power. A stock motor with conservative tune using small frame EFR turbos on wastegate pressure and pump gas can achieve a safe and reliable 300-350whp. Increased power levels of 400+ and beyond can be reached with increased boost levels, fortified internals, and better fuel – limits depending on turbo size.

EFR turbos have reliably propelled everything from daily driven grocery getters to LMP2 / Daytona Prototype championships and multiple Indycar seasons. Proven by providing years of reliable, consistent turbo operation at the highest levels of motorsport and street driving – with no hardware failures. Our EFR turbo kits are specifically designed for use with BorgWarner’s EFR (Engineered For Racing) turbos. BorgWarner Turbo Systems is the OEM supplier to many of the top automakers, and Full-Race’s technical partner for modern turbocharging.

Tools required complete selection of metric combination wrenches, 3/8″ and 1/2″ ratchets with deep and shallow sockets, swivels/extensions, an impact gun (air or electric), a small cutting device (pneumatic jigsaw or electric 4.5″ angle grinder), an adjustable crescent wrench. In addition, RTV sealant is needed for the oil pan and high-temp anti-seize should be carefully applied to all exhaust side threaded and clamping surfaces; Exhaust manifold bolts/studs/nuts, vband surfaces/nuts, wastegate actuator lock nuts and bracket screws, etc they should all have anti-seize!! Depending on your oilpan configuration, you may choose to weld a fitting on the steel OEM pan or use an aftermarket aluminum oil pan with drain fitting already welded.

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