FT-86 SpeedFactory Turbo Kit Build log


Over on FT86club, there’s a great build thread for the SpeedFactory Toyota 86 running an EFR turbo from Borg Warner.

Full thread here.

Toyota 86
Toyota 86

So after running a Vortech supercharger kit on our race car for a year or so now, and racing it on tracks all over the USA, we are making some changes this winter before hitting the tracks again in 2015. April at COTA is currently our first scheduled event, although I am sure some NASA TT event will sneak in before then.

Anyway, we’ve been talking about this turbo kit internally now for well over a year. It’s been something we have wanted to do, and finally got all the stars to align on getting the prototype kit moving forward. This project set out to create a kit that is usable and fun on the street with little to no spool. We wanted supercharger like performance on track with no lag, and a torque curve that won’t surprise you mid corner. The kit also has to be dead nuts reliable and simple as well.

To do this we started with an EFR turbo from Borg Warner. This keeps the package small, simple, and packs enough punch to keep your inner speed demon happy. We selected the 62/58 on the B1 frame. This unit is capable of 450HP if you choose to really push it. Have spare transmissions laying around? Well then we’ll have a turbo that fits that 500hp crazies.

We’re shooting for a nice reliable 300whp-340whp mark with minimal fuel system upgrades, like injectors and a pump that can handle the abuse of track duty.

The manifold design is EL and efficient. Oil lines are simple and an oil pan pre-tapped will be included to make the install easy for anyone. Tuning will be done via Ecutek and also included in the kit when ready. Step by step install instructions and our classic install video will make sure this can be a weekend project for those with basic tools.

There is a ton of testing to do yet, but we have a prototype kit on the car which is half the battle. Keep in mind this is all a prototype and can change before all is said and done. We have dyno testing, track testing, and more to do before anything is finalized. Stay right here for updates as we continue to push forward.

You can also visit the SpeedFactory site here. They have a massive range of parts suited for the Toyota 86, Subaru BR-Z and Scion FR-S.

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