Fitting TRD Sports Gauges to a Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ

In this technical article we will run through the steps on how to wire up Toyota TRD Sports Gauges to your Toyota 86 or Subaru BRZ.
One issue for a lot of people when purchasing aftermarket modifications is quite often the instructions that are included in the packaging only contain Japanese. So we will break this down for the English speakers.

So the options for the Toyota TRD Sports Gauges are: Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature and Water Temperature.
If you purchase these gauges, you may have to consider sacrificing your CD player/radio as that’s where these new toys will be sitting. This is fine for people strictly using their car out on the track where you won’t really want music, but for a daily driver, it will be sorely missed. So you could look into mounting them in a different location on the dash.

First up is to pop the gauges into the provided face plate piece and run the wires from the gauges into the engine bay. The wires for the water temperature gauge should be out where the top radiator hose is located. The oil temperature and oil pressure wires need to be out by the oil filter. If you’re struggling to find the location of any of these, the pictures that are included in the package will help you as they are nice and clear.

Next is to fit the adapter plate underneath the oil filter so this will enable the oil temperature and oil pressure sensors to do their magic. You will need to then make a cut in the top radiator hose and install the water sensor adapter.

There are four wires that power the Toyota TRD Sports Gauges and they are connected as such:
Orange – Red = ACC+
Red – Orange = +12V
Yellow – Purple = Illumination
Black – Black/Blue = GND

Each TRD Sports gauge will have it’s respective button that will switch between modes. One mode is Normal mode where the unit will continuously monitor the status of the car. If you press the button once, it will show you the peak value that the respective gauge has reached. This will help show you anytime that your oil or water temperature may have got very hot without you noticing.
Another use of these buttons is to check what the default warning level of each gauge is set to. You can do this by holding the button for 3 seconds while you are in normal mode.
If you would like to change what the warning level is set to, you can by pressing the button and it will alter from there. Your preferences will be saved once haven’t touched the buttons for 5 seconds.

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