Cusco Zero 3 Suspension

CUSCO Zero-3 Coilovers with Pillow Ball upper mounts

The Zero-3 suspension kit shares many of the enhancements of the other Zero coilovers but adds many more levels of adjustable dampening.

Developed for the Circuit, Gymkhana, and Time Attack.
Installation is straightforward and bolts on using normal hand tools.

In Addition to the other Zero Suspensions it features:

Adoption of a single mono-tube shock absorber structure of large capacity
24 stage damping force adjustment
Suspension stroke does not change the height adjustment
Length adjustable ride height adjustment
Pillow ball upper mount before and after adoption
Front: Fixed Pillow
Rear: Adjustable Pillow
Front camber adjustment is also possible camber bolt knuckle side
It possible to change the spring rate option was set in abundance
Recommended height adjustable width ยท F: -15mm, +-0 R: -35mm +-5
Maximum vehicle height adjustment range: F: -53mm +-5 R: -75mm +-5



The lower end of the front bumper, blinker lens that is equal to or greater than 350mm from the ground. (Genuine near-15mm ride height limit).


The lower end of the front bumper, fog lamp lenses that is equal to or greater than 250mm from the ground (Genuine near-25mm ride height limit reference).

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