Cusco Zero 3 Suspension

CUSCO Zero-3 Coilovers with Pillow Ball upper mounts The Zero-3 suspension kit shares many of the enhancements of the other Zero coilovers but adds many more levels of adjustable dampening. Developed for the Circuit, Gymkhana, […Read More]


HKS GT Supercharger Kit Includes: Supercharger Assy Supercharger Traction Parts Supercharger Installation Bracket Suction Pipe Intercooler Pipe Other Bracket Short Parts Restrictor 39mm Buy now:

Toyota 86 Pro-Am

There has been great interest in a Toyota 86-only racing series in Australia and this is no surprise given how well the car has sold. Australia is in the top three for strongest region for […Read More]

Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ facelift spy photos

CarAdvice have managed to get their hands on some spy shots of the new facelift model Toyota 86/Subaru Brz. We can’t tell which model exactly as it is slightly masked up. Source: CarAdvice

New Mishimoto Intake project A New Mishimoto BRZ/FR-S Intake, Part 1: Reasoning and Prototyping Another Intake? Wait … Mishimoto already has an intake for the BRZ/FR-S. Why design a second one? As this question crosses your mind, we […Read More]

GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake

Design requirements for this intake were simple: The intake must not only be safe for the engine, but perform well both with and without tuning. The intake must be able to be installed quickly, without […Read More]

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